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VIP & Luxury Travels

A luxury boutique travel agency offering high-end services to all types of travelers who wanted to experience deluxe vacations around the world. Marta, the CEO, wanted to have a sophisticated logo and a dual-lingual travel website offering Spanish and English languages in just a click. She also needed to showcase a different type of deluxe packages from honeymoon to gifting services. A responsive map is also a necessity for this project to show the countries and cities she already traveled to and for the users to explore more of what VIP & Luxury Travels offer.

Process and Solutions
Two logo concepts were needed to create VIP & Luxury Travel’s logo identity. The client’s vision was to have a map looking logo that would be minimal and has a luxury look and feels. One concept Franz Esco Designs thought would be a topography kind of logo and the other one would be a line art geometric kind of map. As for the website, two languages were needed to support the Spanish and English demography. A multilingual plugin was used for the language functionality – the client didn’t want to rely on Google Translate and needed to have a functionality that will work in just a click of a button, hence, two buttons were made to support the need of the client. A responsive map was also implemented to showcase the places she traveled to and show the different images of the cities and countries. Lastly, a chat button was designed for customer’s quick inquiries and further consultations to VIP & Luxury Travel’s services.
Color Exploration
The client vision was to have a combination of sea and earth-tones thus making this combined palette representing the sea breeze, earth and sophistication of the brand.
Antique and Lato were the chosen two families for VIP & Luxury Travel’s typography. Antique’s look was perfect for the brand as it showed how the brand’s unique and has the elegant look and feel. While Lato supports the regular text description as it’s simple and didn’t overpower the overall look of the website.
Logo Discovery
Two concepts were created for VIP & Luxury Travels. One’s inspired by a topography kind of map and the other one was a minimalistic geometric line art forming a map kind of identity. The client chose the geometric line art as it’s simple yet it has a sophisticated identity perfect for her brand.

A sketch wireframe was created to identify the page’s hierarchy and user-flow for a better understanding of the website before translating the sketch into a high fidelity mockups.

Moodboard / Stylescape

Two versions of stylescapes were created for the client’s vision board and this type of style was chosen as it represents well the client’s visions, needs and wants to the website.

Results and Achievements
Marta loved the outcome of the branding project starting from logo identity, mockups, website development to her business card designs. It was a great experience working with Marta as she’s reliable and able to deliver the requirement that was needed to finish the project. She’s now able to showcase her services to her clients local and international. For your luxury travel needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to her website.
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