UI UX Designer and
Web Developer

The Fish Tank Game

Art Direction, UX/UI Design, Graphics/Illustration
An upcoming play-to-earn NFT game.
The Fish Tank by Ocen Studio wanted a modern and engaging design for their one-pager NFT website. The design should be fun and would align with the brand and emphasize the game’s features. The team also wanted additional illustrations for their user interface (UI), which would help showcase the overall look of the website.


The first step was to pick a color scheme that would work with the game and brand colors. I decided on using shades of the ocean because they were already established in their branding. The next step was choosing a font complimenting the color scheme while also being easy to read and clear enough that it didn’t distract from the content. After that, I created the site layout in Figma to be simple enough for anyone to navigate without getting lost in the sections or confusing themselves about what’s going where. I also worked hard on creating illustrations in Adobe Illustrator that matched up nicely with each other and didn’t distract from what was being said by the client’s content.

project outcome

I worked closely with the team to create a new design that would reflect their brand while still being straightforward to navigate. I also created new content that could be used throughout the site and ensured visitors and stakeholders could easily find what they were looking for.

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