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Category: Tips and Tutorials


A mobile application for reptile lovers, owners, and breeders who wanted to showcase their collection online. They had a traditional website look that needed some

VIP & Luxury Travels

A luxury boutique travel agency offering high-end services to all types of travelers who wanted to experience deluxe vacations around the world. Marta, the CEO,


A small business specializing in supplying custom design kitchen tools that are ideal for many uses in the kitchen. Kitchenatics needed a new web design

Pillow Talk

A startup hair and beauty business focused on different wig textures and extensions for women around USA. They wanted a logo identity that’s modern, feminine,

Vertex Consultations

A social media marketing and video production team for businesses and artists around the USA. Vertex Consultations wanted a brand identity for their small company

Steady Fuel

A local based gasoline station in the Philippines that needed to have a logo identity that will reflect their company and services offer. The client

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