Critics: Bad or Good?

I remember when I was in high school and so hooked watching Anime tv shows.

I always make it a point to draw some characters that I really liked and boast it first with my parents especially my mom who’s been supportive of me all throughout (Hi mom!) Of course I’ve gained some praised from her and I was so relieved back then. But on the contrary, my dad disapproved it. Instead of praising me for what I’ve done, he scolded me for spending such nonsense time sketching some cartoon. THAT broke my heart. I thought that maybe my sketch was too bad and my mom was just being kind to me (’cause every mother’s just like that right?).

I also remember my sister criticizing my works/arts. She spent time arguing me some points that made me feel so angry and down! I thought to myself, “what am I good at honestly?” THAT made me cry.

I heard a lot of things from when I still starting to do my own way and you know what I realized after all of those things and experiences?

Hey, criticism is NOT that bad at all!

It actually made me strive more, exert more and try more to do those things that I see back then impossible.
It actually molded me into a better person. It became my guide and support.

So I thought and reminisced that they were right back then. They’re just giving me a good criticism or rather, they’re just giving me some advice that I once thought a completely horrendous advice. THAT made me satisfied.

You see, there will always be critics in our life, who will judge us from what we’re doing and trying to accomplish. We will see it as a hindrance in our goals. But instead of thinking that way, learn to mold it and be your guide and inspiration for success.

“Turn the negative into positive and I’m sure you’ll be a better person.”

Cheer up,

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