5 Free eBooks to Start Learning User Experience Designs

If you're starting and want to learn more about user-experience designs, then you must check and read these ebooks starters..it's FREE!

Learning is fun, right? Most especially if you really love the subject you’re reading to. Since most of my followers are into UX and UI designs, they’re asking me if how can they learn more about it or where can they can download or even buy materials so that they can dig deeper into this industry.

My friend, Paolo, a graphic designer as well, sent me a list sometime ago, of resources to where I can find FREE and good ebooks to download. I might as well share these to you as these starters are really good to read and learn by especially if you’re curious where to start and how to start UX and UI designs.

Starting with The Basics of User Experience Design by the Interaction Design Foundation. This ebook covers the introduction of learning UX, conducting user interviews, design thinking, interaction design, mobile UX design, usability and UX research. For each chapter, there will be mini crash courses, introducing key concepts, best practices, and guidelines.

The second one is “UX Design for Startups” by UX Pin. This ebook gives you six chapters covering the most important things to know about building a UX that users will love. This will teach you The Age of User Experience, Getting to Know Your Users, Efficient Design Techniques, Growth and Design Hacking, Getting It Optimised and the Tools needed.

The third one is “Bright Ideas for User Experience Designers” by User Focus. This ebook covers 100 pages of real-world help on user experience design starting from:

  • A CRAP way to improve the usability
  • 7 myths about paper prototyping
  • Help! What The Beatles can teach us about writing support material
  • Confessions of an Axure Master: 5 shortcuts for laying out Axure pages in record time
  • Communicating errors
  • 4 ways to prototype faster
  • Why you need a user experience vision (and how to create and publicize it)
  • Card Games for Information Architects
  • Tips for writing user manuals
  • Five kinds of ‘alt’ text

The fourth one is “The Indispensable Designer: A Guide to Influential Design” by UX Pin. This ebook covers the traits and habits of becoming an influential designer. It talks about the best practices for UX design, from clarifying feedback, running quick usability tests, and other daily responsibilities. You can also learn how you can influence your team to create better products!

The last but not the least, “How to Launch Your UX Career and Get Paid” by UX Pin. Everyone will love this ebook, why? This covers the topic of transforming your passion into a stable career, you better check it out!

I hope these 5 FREE UX ebooks will help you gain more knowledge and skills to start and improve your UX career. If you love this post, don’t forget to share the love! More free resources soon on my next blog posts 🙂


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