The Ultimate Guide to Creating Wireframes + FREE eBooks!

The first step in designing a great app or website is wireframing method. How? Check out these ultimate guide and 5 FREE ebooks you can download today!

The last time, I shared with all of you 5 free ebooks to learning User-Experience Designs. It got a lot of positive feedback on my Instagram and other social media mediums, that’s why today, let me share another 5 free ebooks to guide you in wireframing, prototyping and low/high mockups.

First of all, what is Wireframing? It is a way of creating a visual look or structural blueprint of a website or an app using pen and paper or software online (I’ll post about the free tools you can use in creating wireframe soon!).

Why do we need wireframes? Simply because, it’s a better way to start the design process. Some advantages are:

  1. It turns the abstract ideas into something tangible without distraction.
  2. It provides clear communication to a client how these features will function, where they will appear on the specific page and how useful they might actually be.
  3. Creating wireframes pushes usability to the forefront in showcasing page layouts at their core.
  4. Make the design process iterative and
  5. Saves time in many ways.

Without further ado, let’s begin with the first free ebook…

Starting with The Guide to Wireframing by the UX Pin. This ebook covers major junctures in the wireframing process to enable quick and effective reference. It is divided into four main sections that will guide absolute beginners into becoming confident experts on wireframing.

The second one is “The Guide to Mockups” by UX Pin. This e-book exploring the types, purposes, and anatomy of mockups plus the best practices for Photoshop and Sketch.

The third one is “The Ultimate Guide to Prototyping” by UX Pin. This ebook will teach you the methods, tools, and processes for low and high fidelity rapid  UX prototyping. You’ll learn how to:

  • Prototype only what you need – then stop.
  • There is no single “best” way to prototype. The three most common methods include presentation software, coded prototypes, and specialized prototyping apps. Each approach has pros and cons.
  • The first step to deliver a perfect product to your target audience is to know your target audience. 

The fourth one is “The Guide to Interactive Wireframing” by UX Pin. On this ebook, you’ll learn how to:

  • How to use wireframes in the UX design process
  • Create content wireframe to interactive wireframe
  • Hands-on approach to rapid prototyping
  • How to wireframe and protype motion

The last but not least, “The Practical Handbook to Rapid Lo-Fi Prototyping” by UX Pin. In this ebook, you’ll know Know how to create fast and effective prototypes with tips, methods, and exercises by designers including the pros and cons of the most popular offline and digital rapid prototyping methods.

Enjoy these 5 wireframing ebooks from UX Pin and I hope these will help you gain more knowledge and skills in your UX/UI career. If you love this post, let me know in the comment box below, share with your friends and subscribe to my newsletter for more tips and free resources on my next blog posts 🙂


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