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Pillow Talk

A startup hair and beauty business focused on different wig textures and extensions for women around USA. They wanted a logo identity that’s modern, feminine, sophisticated with a luxurious look and feel that will reflect their brand’s vision.

Process and Solutions
Franz Esco Designs created different versions of logo based on the client’s needs and wants. The first concept started around having sophisticated wordmark plus icons that will symbolize and represent their products. Another set of wordmark plus an abstract icon was created for a modern and unique identity focused on Pillow Talk’s name showing negative spaces forming a woman’s face/head.
Color Exploration
The clients wanted to have a sophisticated and luxurious set of palettes from their visions that will be focused around burgundy, red and gold. Gradients were also implied for more uniqueness of the brand.
Butler, an Adobe font type was used to create the main brand name of Pillow Talk. It was supported by a regular sans serif font, Lato, a Google font type used for the tagline of the logo name.
Logo Discovery
Results and Achievements
Pillow Talk was happy and satisfied for the logo discovery created for its brand. The second type of wordmark which has a negative space of women’s face was chosen to represent their business and it’s brand. Overall, the Pillow Talk’s logo was now seen on their product video teaser and their own website/store.
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