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Steady Fuel

A local based gasoline station in the Philippines that needed to have a logo identity that will reflect their company and services offer. The client wanted to have a modern and musculine look and feel that has an iconic symbol and tagline for their name.

Process and Solutions
Franz Esco Designs created two concepts, both were modern and bold looking with two-color schemes to serve its purpose. The first one symbolizes the fuel pump combined with Steady Fuel’s initials. The other concept was a fire iconic symbol combined with an abstract looking initial of the company. Two-color schemes were made, one was to symbolize power and energy while the other one, to symbolize an eco-friendly gasoline station company.
Color Exploration
Two sets were created and the second palette was chosen to signify an eco-friendly yet powerful vision of the gasoline brand.
Azonix font family was used for Steady Fuel’s tagline logo name. It’s modern, bold, masculine and a perfect pair for the company’s iconic symbol.
Logo Discovery
Results and Achievements
The client was very delighted with the outcome of the logo project. At first, they didn’t know what kind of logo they wanted for their gasoline brand, they just knew that it should have a strong, bold and modern look. Through a thorough process, Franz Esco Designs helped them achieved what they envision and wanted for their small company/business. Steady Fuel is currently operating and has been a success since the beginning of their business.
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