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A mobile application for reptile lovers, owners, and breeders who wanted to showcase their collection online. They had a traditional website look that needed some cleanup, palette, and new font family changes. HerpVille also wanted to add a functionality that they can show the users how to navigate the app and a call-to-action (CTA) buttons redirecting to the links where they can download the HerpVille app.

Process and Solutions
HerpVille needed a new website that will be modern, clean, organize, emphasizing what the platform is all about. From creating a set of mobile mockups for the screenshots, they also needed a muted palette from their original colors and a sans serif font type that’s cleaner and modern. A responsive accordion is also implemented to organize the app screenshots and to showcase how to navigate the app.
Color Exploration
Originally, they had a strong palette that made the website look traditional and cluttered. Franz Esco Designs came up with a muted earth-toned version from their original source. It’s clean, modern and pleasing to the eyes.
A sans serif font type will be the best look for HerpVille and so Franz Esco Designs came up with Google font’s Rubik type. Rubik’s great for bold headlines and it was also used for regular text descriptions.

A sketch wireframe was created to identify the page’s hierarchy and user-flow for a better understanding of the website before translating the sketch into a high fidelity mockups.

Moodboard / Stylescape

Two versions of stylescapes were created for the client’s vision board and this type of style was chosen as it represents well the client’s visions, needs and wants to the website.

Results and Achievements
The client was very delightful of the outcome of the HerpVille project from their traditional look to a modern, functionality-wise website. A set of mobile screenshot mockups were highlighted on this project to gain more exposure of the platform itself and to entice users to click the CTA buttons and download their app on the designated links.
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